Weapon Swap Macros – Updated

Here are two more ways of swapping weapons, so you can benefit from the tactic of swapping to Instant Poison when your target has 5 doses of Deadly Poison on them. It’s also worth making a basic macro to swap your weapons back to your normal Wound/Deadly weapons, incase anything goes wrong in the middle of a fight.

The first is nice and simple yet seems to work remarkably well (thx Tamatar for posting this macro);

/equipslot 16 IP_DAGGER_1
/equipslot 17 IP_DAGGER_2
/equipslot 16 WOUND_DAGGER_1
/equipslot 17 DEADLY_DAGGER_2

Each time you run this macro it equips the pair of daggers you don’t have equipped at that moment. Use it to toggle between
IP/IP and WD/Deadly (replacing IP_DAGGER_1 etc with the names of your daggers).


The second one is quite complicated, experimental and needs the Outfitter addon. For the long version/discussion, have a look at this post by Korner on ElitistJerks (thx Camo). It’s meant for PVE, but might be usable in PVP – you will need to experiment with it to find out whether it works for you or not. I’m a bit concerned that this might cause excessive weapon swaps in PVP (Abolish Poison could really mess with your day), so this might need a bit of playing with.

I’ll have a look at making a version of this that swaps your MH when wound is applied/about to run out, but I can’t tell if that would give a DPS boost or not.

You need to create two sets of gear (with just the daggers selected for changing), one with your Wound/Deadly daggers, the other with your IP daggers. Right-click on the IP set and click ‘scripts>custom’ – paste in the following code;

local dp_name=”Deadly Poison IX”
local switch_time = 5
if UnitAffectingCombat(“player”) then
for i=1,40 do
local n,_,_,s,_,_,x,c,_=UnitDebuff(“target”,i);
if n==dp_name and c==”player” then
equip = not ( x-GetTime() > switch_time and s == 5 )
equip = false

Replace “Deadly Poison IX” with the localised name of the poison, and replace the local_switch_time number with the number of seconds before the poison stack wears off before you swap back to your Wound/Deadly daggers. If all goes well, your daggers will be automatically swapped once you get 5 stacks of DP, then swap back.

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