Swapping Between Daggers with the Same Name

While gearing up my alt rogue for casual arena, I ran into a problem. Due to some lucky runs through the new heroic 5-mans, I found myself with three Unsharpened Ice Razors, which I promptly attached weapon chains to. The problem was, how to reliably switch between them in arenas when I wanted to swap poisons?

I searched around for ages, looking for a way of making three macros that would let me reliably swap. Unfortunately it just doesn’t seem possible, as equipslot/pickupitem macros failed to distinguish between them.

However, there’s an easy way I’d overlooked at first – the ingame equipment manager. This seems to be able to tell the difference between identical weapons; you just need to create sets where you only have the dagger selected for change (so you don’t have to recreate the sets when you upgrade your head etc). Do this for each of the weapons, then you can drag/drop the equipment-set icon from the manager onto your toolbars. Easy!

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Rogue addict, PVP junkie, insomniac. I started playing WoW in 2006 and, after being told that 'nobody wants a rogue', tried to level a priest. I quickly realized that love and approval were a poor alternative to stealth and ambush and have been backstabbing away quite happily ever since.