Season’s Greetings Rogues!

Well it’s almost time to open those gifts from Great-father Winter, so I just wanted to take the opportunity to say Happy Season’s Greetings! It feels like I’ve already had my present from Blizz a bit early, in the form of the 3.3 Deadly Poison changes, but judging from all of the whining about our envenom damage I’m not sure how long it will last.

Crap, Ring of Valor again :/

Crap, Ring of Valor again :/

Apologies for the slow updates this month – I apparently forgot to train Safe Fall and have been sulking/inactive with broken wrists. After a week of keyboard turning I can play semi-properly again (new 3v3 DK/rogue/holypala at 2k and going fine) and I’ll be posting more this week inbetween celebrations/hangovers! A month of playing in casts should provide plenty of excuses for my poor focus/effort in raids (and arena failings) so I really can’t complain :)

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Rogue addict, PVP junkie, insomniac. I started playing WoW in 2006 and, after being told that 'nobody wants a rogue', tried to level a priest. I quickly realized that love and approval were a poor alternative to stealth and ambush and have been backstabbing away quite happily ever since.