Rogue Starter Weapons for Season 8 – Daggers

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This article was written before patch 4 went live and will contain information that may no longer be relevant.

I made a similar post back at the end of Season 6, but due to all of the new gear added in raids/heroics, it’s looking a bit out of date. The following is a list of gear that’s worth considering for a rogue fresh to PVP and unable to gear up from 25man content (mouse-over the links for item stats).

Mainhand Daggers

For the freshly dinged 80

Blood Weeper (Heroic Forge of Souls)
Heartshiver (Normal Forge of Souls)
Black Knight’s Rondel (Heroic Trial of the Champion)
The Fleshshaper (Heroic Halls of Lightning)
Traditional Flensing Knife (Kalu’ak reputation – revered)

For the 10-man Raider

Bloodsipper (ICC10 – Queen Lanathel)
Icefall/Nemesis Blade (ToC10 – Twin Valkyrs)

Offhand Daggers for Envenom Spec

For non-mutilate spec, any of the mainhand daggers are suitable.

For the freshly dinged 80

Unsharpened Ice Razor (Trash drop in the ICC 5mans)
Krick’s Beetle Stabber (Normal Pit of Saron)
Balanced Heartseeker (Hierloom Weapon)
Lightblade Rivener (Kirin Tor reputation – honored)

For the 10man Raider

Flesh Carving Scalpel (ICC10 – Putricide)
Orcish Deathblade/Dirk of the Nightwatch (ToC10 – Jaraxxus)

The general rule of thumb for envenom rogues is to use a 1.8 speed dagger in your mainhand, with a 1.4-1.5 speed dagger in your offhand. Very high level 1.4 daggers work fine for your mainhand, but you would need an equal level offhand to make it work. If you’re not playing with the Master Poisoner talent, two 1.8 daggers are preferable.

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