Rogue PVP Macros

Since it is fairly easy to find more generic macros, I’ve decided to compile some rogue specific ones that are somewhat more intricate than a ‘focus blind’. Here are some […]

Since it is fairly easy to find more generic macros, I’ve decided to compile some rogue specific ones that are somewhat more intricate than a ‘focus blind’. Here are some quality of life macros focused around battleground or arena usage.

‘All-in-One Stealth’ Slot

/cast [mod:ctrl] Shroud of Concealment; [mod:shift] Shadow Walk; [combat] Shadow Dance; Stealth
/cast [combat] Malevolent Gladiator’s Badge of Conquest

What’s Going on Here? This compiles all stealth related abilities into one button, accessible through the use of modifiers (shift/ctrl/alt) and conditions (being in combat). While out of combat, it will appear as a simple stealth button. When engaging an opponent, Shadow Dance will become available with a simultaneous trigger on your trinket.

Any Cons? Depending on how you like to re-enter stealth in the heat of battle, it may take a bit of time for you to get used to using this macro. Since Shadow Dance is displayed during combat, you are unable to mash this button while waiting for combat to drop off before re-entering stealth.

Shadowstep with Added Utility

/castsequence [mod:shift, @focus] reset=3 Shadowstep, Kick; [mod:ctrl, @PLAYERNAME] Shadowstep; Shadowstep

What’s Going on Here? This macro provides some additional utility to your Shadowstep button slot. At the basic level, it will Shadowstep to your current target unless you are holding down a modifier key. In this example, holding ctrl will attempt to Shadowstep towards “PLAYERNAME” which should be replaced by your arena partner. Holding shift with this macro will cause you to Shadowstep on to your focus target, with another press of the button (while holding shift) kicking them.

“I miss my Shadow Dance bar” Button

#showtooltip [mod:shift,stance] Garrote; [stealth] Garrote; [mod:shift] Kidney Shot; Eviscerate
/cast [stance] Premeditation
/cast [mod:shift,stance] Garrote; [stealth] Garrote; [mod:shift] Kidney Shot; Eviscerate

What’s Going on Here? If you’re like me and want to avoid rebinding skills that you spent a few expansions using, then a version of this macro may be well suited for you. Keep in mind that you can easily substitute any of the above skills to match what you desire. At the basic level, this macro is Eviscerate, with a shift modifier to perform Kidney Shot. While in stealth, the button becomes Garrote. After triggering Shadow Dance (which qualifies as a ‘stance’), this macro will attempt to cast Eviscerate, unless you are holding down shift, which will cast Garrote. So compared to the old days, my Stealth Bar would have had a Premeditation & Garrote macro, my Standard bar would have been Eviscerate with a shift-modified Kidney Shot, while Shadow Dance bar would be Eviscerate with a shift-modified Garrote.

Any Cons? With this particular setup being shown, Kidney Shot is unusable during Shadow Dance unless you have it bound elsewhere. However, I typically Shadow Dance following a Kidney Shot, or am readily able to Cheap Shot if I require an already diminished stun.

Redirect Kidney Shot (or Deadly Throw)

/castsequence [mod:shift, @focus] reset=3 Redirect, Kidney Shot; Kidney Shot

What’s Going on Here? A fairly simple macro that will attempt to redirect your combo points to your focus target and follow-up with a kidney shot when holding the shift modifier. Great to use for added pressure in a normal crowd control chain. Replace Kidney Shot with Deadly Throw and use if you have five points on your current target.

Parting Shots…

Here is a quick list of abilities that should be using basic focus macros.
/cast [mod:shift, @focus] Spell; Spell

(note: replace shift with ctrl or alt if you prefer)

Blind, Gouge, Kick, Shiv, Dismantle

About Bitters

Bitters became a rogue in 2006 with the launch of the Hakkar-US server. After watching classic rogue videos by Happyminti, Ming and Sunken, he became infatuated with dueling. With the launch of arena, Bitters would go on to focus solely on the death-match style of play, often finishing season on the Gladiator bubble and competing in the top ten of the 2V2 bracket.