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Hi everyone, it’s been two and a half years since I made a post about addons so now’s probably a good time. The following addons are far from essential – […]

Hi everyone, it’s been two and a half years since I made a post about addons so now’s probably a good time. The following addons are far from essential – some people prefer to play with a totally stock Blizzard UI so they don’t become dependent on addons that are suddenly discontinued, but there are several ‘quality of life’ ones you can safely use without a risk of suddenly becoming incapable of playing without them.

Rogue Specific Addons

Execute Range

Dispatch RangeI don’t understand the logic behind the decision to not make Dispatch light up when your target is below 35% health – this addon does just that. A useful addition to your interface if you’re playing any class with an execute ability.

Combo Points Redux

Combo Points ReduxIf you’re not using a HUD addon (more on those later), Combo Points Redux may be of use. It creates movable windows for your combo points that you can position on your screen – easier than having to glance up at the default unit frames all of the time.

Cyanide Poison Reminder

Cyanide Poison ReminderI wrote this addon when I used to raid but I still find it very useful in PVP – once you only have five minutes of poisons left (or no poisons at all) it will flash a warning up every minute. Unless you’re in a city or on a taxi that is (the beta versions were VERY annoying…).


Blizzard’s Minimap

Minimap Okay I know this isn’t an addon, but a lot of people I talk to don’t know about it so it’s worth while mentioning it. Shift+M in a battleground is your friend – it’s a compressed version of the full map and is very useful to have displayed at all times in the corner of your screen.

Battleground Targets

Battleground TargetsThis is a compulsory addon for most RBG teams – party frames for the enemy team. If ever it bugs and displays your BG team, type in /bgt and it should reset.


IncomingWhile it’s easy to call out incs on Ventrilo, you don’t have that luxury in a random battleground. With Incoming you can let the rest of your team know how many enemy players are rushing at your position with just one click. You can also use it to call out an ‘all clear’ once the situation is under control, or ask for additional help if needed. Whether anyone else is reading BG chat is another matter, but hey you might as well try.

It’s currently a bit bugged – to get it to start you will probably have to hit enter twice after typing /inc .


A very simple addon which will hopefully let everyone around you know you’ve been sapped.

Healers Have to Die

They do, really they do. With transmogs it’s now harder to easily spot healers in BGs so this addon puts a great big red cross above their head so there’s no excuse not to run over and start locking them down.


If you’re on a dead server this addon can help you find RBG (and pve) groups so you can get your full weekly cap. I’ve not seen any groups above 1900 on it but there’s a chance you can meet people from different servers who you might be able to get groups with at a later date. One warning though – when you uninstall it you need to take [oq] out of your RealID broadcast message, else you will be spammed like you’ve never been spammed before.

Arena Addons


GladiusExOhh Gladius… how we mourned when you stopped working. Happily the torch has been passed and the addon has been reborn as GladiusEx. If you haven’t tried Gladius before, you may be surprised at how useful an addon it is for arenas. It shows you CC/DR timers and PVP trinket cooldowns for both teams in an arena. Over the months I managed to get used to keeping track of trinket timers, but this addon makes it a lot easier (especially if your memory is as fried as mine).


GladiatorlosSA announces important enemy actions so you don’t need to watch for buff icons. I’m still in two minds about this addon. On the one hand it makes the transition from 2v2 to 3v3 very easy but on the other hand it would be very easy to become dependent on the addon. When I came back at the start of MoP from my 18month wowquit I used this addon for the first week until I got back into the hang of PVP. It’s undisputedly powerful, but if the addon ever stops being updated you might find it hard to play without it.

I have the addon installed still but it’s set to only announce actions which have no visual/audio indicator such as preparation, cold snap and readiness. For that reason alone it’s probably worth trying but I’m expecting hate mail for even suggesting it – there are a lot of people who really don’t approve of this addon.


Arena PlatesArenaPlates is a new addon which came out this month. It adds the arena target number to player’s nameplates – this makes it very easy to know which focus blind macro you have to use to CC the correct player.


I seriously love this addon – it keeps track of all the games you play and shows you a complete history of your progress.

General Addons


DHUDThe default interface is far from perfect – it’s really awkward having to constantly look from the center of the screen to the top left corner to keep track of what’s happening. One work around for this is to copy what most tournament players do and move the UI frames to the middle of the screen with these scripts, but you can go one better by installing a new HUD. There are many to try but I’ve always preferred either IceHUD or DHUD. As well as having the health/mana of you and your target in the middle of the screen, you can also configure other bars to show durations of your Slice’n’Dice, rupture and recuperate.


OmniCCOmniCC adds a countdown onto the buttons for your abilities so you can easily see their cooldowns. Blizzard’s system of using analogue clock-style countdowns is one of the worst features of the default UI, I’m surprised it hasn’t been replaced yet.


ReforgeLite is a tool which works out the most effective way to reforge your gear. It managed to get the hit rating on my alt to exactly 3%, something I’ve never been able to manage! It can be tricky to get used to but it’s worth persevering with.


MSBT is a replacement for Blizzard’s scrolling combat text (I think Blizzard actually copied Mik’s version first iirc). I prefer it as you get more control over where you want the text to appear – very useful if you’re using a HUD addon.


Vana KoS

Levelling on a PVP server is pretty hardcore nowadays. Countless people seem to be struggling so hard in level 90 PVP that they instead spend their time going for free kills in levelling zones. Vana KoS (Kill on Sight) lets you add known gankers to a list so you receive a warning whenever they are near. Hopefully you’ll have enough time to hit stealth and sprint, but if not the addon is also useful for when you switch to your main and try to hunt them down. You can even attach a comment to each name, though most of the ones I leave are four letters long and not very descriptive…

Do you use any other useful addons for PVP? Let me know by leaving a comment below. It’s been a really busy week (server migrations still going on, plus this site will be moved onto a much faster platform within a month) but I will be putting together articles for hunters, mages and locks as soon I get the chance. Happy stabbing all!

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