PVP Hit Rating for Rogues

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This article was written before patch 4 went live and will contain information that may no longer be relevant.

Looking at a random list of ten high-rated rogues, the amount of hit taken into arenas varies a lot – from as low as 169 (5.15 %) up to 264 (8.05 %). So, how much hit rating should you take, what will happen if you take too little and where should you get it from?

PVP Hit Mechanics – The Basics

All of your special attacks (mutilate, envenom, rupture etc) have a 95% chance to hit a target when you’re standing behind them. Increasing the amount of hit you have by 32.79 will increase your chance to hit by 1%. You initially need to have 164 hit rating just to make sure that you have no chance of missing your target with special attacks.

Hit Reduction Talents/Racials

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. There are several talents/debuffs/racials that affect your chance to hit;

  • Quickness Passive racial skill of Night Elves, -2%
  • Insect Swarm Even though this is a talent in the Balance tree, it’s not unusual to see Resto Druids with this ability, -3%
  • Scorpid Sting Hunter ability, -3%
  • Arctic Winds Mage talent, not widely used, -1% upto -5%
  • Heroic Presence Draenei passive buff, +1%

In a worst-case scenario, you could be trying to hit a Frost Mage with insect swarm and a sting on you (they do stack) – without any hit rating you will have a 16% chance to miss. You could ‘fix’ this by taking 524 hit rating, but this would nerf your damage/survivability in the majority of games.

How Much Hit Rating for Rogues?

Ideally in 3v3 I like to run with between 6% and 7% as this is enough to counter some hit modifiers and also help lessen the impact of some of the more noticeable ones. In 2v2 there’s less chance to bump into a racial/class that will debuff your hit rating, so you may want to stick to 5% and trust your luck.

Where Should +Hit Come From?

You can reach 148 hit from the Season 8 PVP gear and a weapon chain;

One of the following two rings can help increase your hit further;

If you’re really struggling, a Titan-Forged Rune of Accuracy will give a massive 95 hit rating. Also from Wintergrasp are the Furious-quality Titan-Forged Leather Legguards of Triumph.

Other options involve hitting the PVE content (or buying a Wodin’s Lucky Necklace if you’re rich), and as a last resort you can get another 12 hit by enchanting your boots with Icewalker.

Your Blind Missed?

Missing with your 5pt envenom can be annoying, but what can often be game-breaking is when your blind misses. Blind counts as a ranged attack, so if you’re planning to blind a target, there are a couple of additional modifiers. Retri Paladins can gain a -4% modifier from Divine Purpose and many rogues spec into heightened senses, which also gives the same hit reduction against your blind. That’s not too bad, it’s just one of those things you have to live with. However what some people don’t realise is that evasion works against blind, giving a 25% hit penalty. More likely than not your blind will hit rather than miss, but it can pay to remember the extra miss chance that evasion gives (especially in 2v2 when a double-dps team is bursting down your healer and trying to keep you CC’d).

There are plenty of ways of reaching the hit-cap, you just need to find a balanced way of doing so without hurting your other stats too much. If all else fails, maybe convince your partner to reroll as a Draenei!

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