Poisons for Arenas

I’ve wanted to make a post on poisons for a while but I’m still not entirely sure on the best combos to use. I’ll throw around some ideas though.

I’m currently playing with Master Poisoner and Vile Poisons so I guess I have more benefit from deadly than the traditional 41/5/25 build.

I use four daggers and keep poisons on all of them. On the mainhand (Sinister Revenge) I swap between wound/deadly depending on what the opposition is (not hard to reapply when the gates go up) and I swap my offhand dagger with a macro. I use mind-numbing+berserker (Murder), wound+weapon chain (Anarchy) and wound+berserker (Webbed Death). If you feel confident about swapping weapons mid combat, you can swap a weapon-chained dagger with another one as soon as your opponent disarms you, just take care to swap back when the next disarm is due.

I’m using deadly poison mostly because of the huge number of plate teams that we’re facing. Envenom rips through DKs/palas/warriors/bears and as far as I know it gives wound poison a better chance to survive through cleanse. The only downside is the reduction in CC that deadly poison gives. Being able to gouge when your healer is feared to the otherside of the arena is often a lifesaver – having gouge break immediately, that hurts. A tough call really, extra damage vs less damage avoidance, though that seems to be the underlying theme of PVP.

Mind-numbing against warlocks, paladins and shamans is something i’ve been trying out and it looks pretty useful. The only issue is that 99% of the warlocks we’ve come up against so far in this 2v2 combo have been laughably terrible. One ‘memorable’ warlock only managed to cast curse of elements onto the paladin before dying, the other forgot to seduce and let me interupt three fears in a row before figuring out that something was wrong. We could have played naked and still won, so it’s hard to assess just how useful mind-numbing really was.

If playing as 52/5/14 starts to fail as we get a higher rating I’ll probably drop deadly poison completely and take 41/5/25 – with the deadly procs and envenom being unbuffed I’d prefer to take the extra CC abilities. We’ll see.

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