Patch 3.3.3 Notes for Rogues


  • Rupture: The damage-over-time component of this ability can now produce critical strikes.
  • Talents
  • Subtlety
    • Filthy Tricks: Now Reduces the cooldown by 5/10 seconds and energy cost by 5/10 of Tricks of the Trade, Distract and Shadowstep abilities, and reduces the cooldown of Preparation by 1.5/3 minutes.
    • Ghostly Strike: If the rogue has a dagger equipped, this ability now deals 180% weapon damage instead of 125%.
    • Hemorrhage: If the rogue has a dagger equipped, this ability now deals 160% weapon damage instead of 110%.
    • Slaughter from the Shadows: Now adds 1/2/3/4/5% damage to all attacks in addition to its current effects.
    • Waylay: The debuff from this talent can now be caused by Backstab in addition to Ambush.

    Interesting stuff :) I’ll have a play around tomorrow when I’m less sleepy, but this may add a bit of variation to the standard 44/2/25 builds. Hemo looks a bit weak still (if you factor in the 4 talent points needed to spec into it), but in RS/RLS where I get focused a lot, putting a point into Ghostly Strike looks a bit more tempting.

    With Slaughter from the Shadows giving the same DPS gain as unglyphed HfB and Waylay replacing crippling poison, maybe this will breathe life back into subtlety PVP?

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