OhNoesQueues (Featured Addon)

OhNoesQueues is a great little addon that replaces the Battleground description txt in the Battlegrounds tab and replaces it with icons showing how many of each Battleground Mark you have. Left-clicking these icons will queue your whole party/raid if you are the leader, or queue you alone otherwise (a nice touch, since without this I often accidentally queue myself rather than my group). You can also unqueue yourself by right clicking the relevant icon.

OhNoesQueues is available for download from Wowinterface.com.

About Dcruize

Rogue addict, PVP junkie, insomniac. I started playing WoW in 2006 and, after being told that 'nobody wants a rogue', tried to level a priest. I quickly realized that love and approval were a poor alternative to stealth and ambush and have been backstabbing away quite happily ever since.