New Site Layout to Celebrate Season 8

To celebrate the launch of Season 8, has had a long-overdue overhaul. If there’s any glaring mistakes or display/formatting issues, please let me know and I’ll fix them as soon as possible! I haven’t been able to properly test it in all web browsers (my ie6 simulator doesn’t seem to work in Win7) so there may be problems with transparencies that I’ve over looked.

Finally Season 8 has begun 😀 I’ll be playing rogue/destro-warlock in 2s and hopefully rogue/affliction-warlock/shaman in 3s (if we can find a willing shaman). We’re both pretty fresh to double-dps in 2v2, but it feels viable – just a case of sorting tactics out and getting used to being freaking fragile without a healer.

A lack of new PVP dps trinkets was a major disapointment – despite enduring several months of engame raiding I still didn’t get a replacement for DMC:Death so will be running it for the 4th consecutive season, swapping to a Pyrite Infuser for 3s. It’s also a shame there’s no new Battlemaster trinkets available as well – both the warlock and myself are still using the one from last season. When combined with a health stone it’s quite a life saver!

/use battlemaster’s rage
/use health stone

Depending on how rogue/warlock turns out, I might invest in a Corroded Skeleton Key, but spending 60 frost emblems on a trinket for 2v2 (when we’ll be focusing on 3v3) might be overkill.

Good luck to everyone this season, may all your vanishes be successful and none of your gouges be dodged :)

*UPDATE* Loving R/L/S at the moment – we’re still a bit squishy resilience wise, but the games are really enjoyable. We’re still at the stage of finding what works/what doesn’t work as far as tactics go, but there just seems like a huge amount of potential. Rated at 1892 atm, we’ll see how it goes. The team name comes from the mouse-over tooltip of ‘Arena Points’ in your ingame PVP tab. Fabulous darling, fabulous :)

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