Master Poisoner, Deadly Poison and Weapon Speeds

I’ve finally been able to properly play with the new Master Poisoner buff and it’s looking strong indeed, despite my weapon speed not being ideal. Getting a stack of 5 deadly poison on a plate wearer seems to really put out massive pressure – the only issue I’ve had has been with getting 5 doses applied and keeping them there. Druid and Paladin cleanses can keep the stack down to only 1-2 doses, and unlucky procs can see your full stack of 5 drop away to nothing.

I’m missing relentless weapons at the moment (playing with 1.8 speed daggers), but soon I’ll be swapping to the 1.4 speed Relentless Gladiator’s Shiv. Hopefully this faster weapon will help to keep deadly poison stacked – unlike wound/instant, deadly procs aren’t normalized to a certain number per minute.

For a rough idea of PPM with the different weapon speeds, I spent 30mins auto-attacking a training dummy with three different weapons. The test is far from ideal as it doesn’t factor in time you spend kiting, (and I didn’t use Slice’n’Dice or Mutilate) but the results are enough to make me consider swapping my Mutilator for a Murder. The faster the speed the better, as your shivs will cost less energy and Focused Attacks will proc more often from the extra chances you get to crit.

1.4 speed – 12 procs per minute
1.6 speed – 9.2 procs per minute
1.8 speed – 6.8 procs per minute

If running with a 1.4 dagger means not having to shiv at all, it might be worth main-handing deadly and keeping wound on the offhand instead. This would give back the ability to shiv crippling when you’re peeling (or chasing form-switching druids), but unfortunately this is probably something better suited to high-level raiders, as there are no fast mainhand daggers available from PVP. If someone is able to try this out, please let me know how you get on with keeping 5/5 deadly doses applied!

All in all, I’m more than happy with the buffs to Master Poisoner and Envenom – with a full stack of deadly and plenty of combo points you can really burn peoples HP. Who needs ArP when you can put out 7k crits on plate!

Apologies for the wierd post I made earlier today – I was playing around with Spotify and accidentally created a tweet for a random album, which was picked up by WordPress and inserted into this blog……

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