Know Your Enemy – Retribution Paladins

Time for some new tips on getting your opponents down, dont you guys think?
This time we’re going to review the paladin class and I will be giving you a few tips on how to beat them.

Paladins are pretty much good at anything they do … dps , healing and even tanking. I am going to give you hints on how to beat this class in 1v1 and I hope this will help you get them down in 2v2 as well. (The tactics I’ll be supplying you with won’t matter that much in 3v3 imho.)

The ret pala has quite a few abilities you want to watch out for.


An 8 yard AOE on the ground.

Retribution Aura

One of the many auras paladins have but this one is a pain in the butt. Every time you hit the paladin you will receive damage yourself.

Avenging Wrath

The paladin pops his Avenging Wrath and all his damage and healing is increased by 20% for the next 20 seconds.

Divine Storm

An instant weapon attack that causes 110% of weapon damage to up to 4 enemies in an 8 yard range. (This will knock you out of stealth if you are close to him!)

Hand of Freedom

This will (if specced correctly) remove your stun effect from the paladin. It can be cast while he is stunned so watch out!

And of course he has his bubble, HoP , Repentance and a few more tools. So… how do we beat a retri paladin?

It is fairly easy. Lets say you are dueling a retri paladin, here is what I do:

Duel starts in 3…2…1

Okay lets wait for a few seconds shall we? The paladin is likely to use 1 or 2 aoe abilities while hoping to find you. Wait till he has used at least his consecration. As soon as that has been used sap him.

Now here is where quite a lot of people do the wrong thing. I barely ever open on a paladin with cheap shot. As soon as the consecration fades I garrote the pala and get a quick mutilate in. 4/5 CP and then Rupture him. As soon as you have both those dots up use cloak of shadows if needed and vanish!

Now one of the following things is going to happen ->

  1. The paladin tries following you in an attempt to knock you out of stealth.
  2. The paladin starts healing himself.

If the paladin follows you in an attempt to find you just keep running from him for another 3-4 seconds and then you may open on him. If the paladin starts healing himself get back in there and open right away!

So how do you open after getting your dots up? That is correct! You cheap shot him!
Go back in there CS -> Muti x2 -> Did the pala use Hand of Freedom? -> Yes, kidney shot. -> No, Eviscerate.

The paladin should be about half his health and probably even lower now. You have forced him to bubble most likely. If he does bubble just sprint and restealth. If he doesn’t bubble disarm him and pop your evasion if you feel like it. Some more mutilate spams and you should have him down!

Good Job!

I hope you enjoyed my wall of text. This is the first article I have ever written and I did not want to mess up by not giving enough info on how to beat the retri paladin.

Hints on how to give you better write ups are welcome! Just comment!

Morale: On plate such as warr/pala/DK -> Open with garrote/rupture! It’s a great headstart

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