Rogue Keybindings

Using keybindings rather than clicking makes a massive, massive difference and gives you a much easier time to both move around and accurately spam buttons. I have the keys A and D bound to strafe (rather than turn), and spend most of the time holding the right mouse button down to allow me to turn insanely quickly compared to keyboard turning. If you click and keyboard-turn at the moment, moving to using keybindings will make a huge positive difference to how you play a rogue, I promise! It will take a while to get used to, but once you do, you’ll never look back.

I thought I’d post a quick breakdown of keybindings I use – there are a couple of keycombos I use that people might have overlooked (and aren’t too hard to reach).

Yellow – no modifier
Green – shift modifier
Red – both shift modifer and ctrl modifier (though not shift+ctrl at once)
Blue – movement
Grey – default wow bindings
White – unused (or some wow function I never bother with)
Black – pulled out with a screwdriver

Mouse Bindings

Button 3 – Blind
Button 4 – Shiv
Shift+Button 3 – Blind focused target

Keyboard Bindings (Unstealthed)

` – Vanish
1 – Kidney Shot
2 – Rupture
3 – Eviscerate
4 – Gouge
5 – Kick
Shift+1 – Preparation (or Hunger For Blood in 53/5/13 build)
Shift+2 – Slice ‘n’ Dice
Shift+3 – Envenom
Shift+4 – Evasion
Shift+5 – Kick focused target

E – Mutilate (actually a mutilate macro
Q – Disarm
V – Cloak of Shadow
T – Feint
Z – Sprint
Tab – Target Nearest Enemy Player (instead of Nearest Enemy Target)

Shift+E – Cold Blood
Shift+Q – a href=”″>Tricks of the Trade macro
Shift+V – Trinket
Shift+T – Throw/Deadly Throw macro
Shift+Space – Stealth
Shift+Z – Rocket Boots

Ctrl+E – Fan of Knives
Ctrl+Q – Hypervision Goggles
Ctrl+V – Distract

Keyboard Bindings (Stealthed)

1 – Cheap Shot
2 – Sap macro
3 – Pick Pocket
4 – Sap
E – Garrotte
Q – Ambush
Shift+E – Cold Blood

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Rogue addict, PVP junkie, insomniac. I started playing WoW in 2006 and, after being told that 'nobody wants a rogue', tried to level a priest. I quickly realized that love and approval were a poor alternative to stealth and ambush and have been backstabbing away quite happily ever since.