Hyper-Vision Goggles; Fair Game, or Cheap Trick?

I hadn’t really considered using Hyper-Vision Goggles until a week ago (despite already having them enchanted with +50AP/+20Crit) but a couple of days ago I dug them out of my bank. I asked on AJ about them and was told that their stealth detection no longer works, but that is definitely not the case.

Because we’re sitting on our 2v2 rating for pts and weapons, we’ve started messing around in 3v3 with an arms warrior who’s just getting into arenas (hateful/pve gear). Using the goggles gave such an advantage against any stealthed team that it did begin to genuinely feel like I was exploiting/cheating. In the Ring of Valor, I was able to sap their rogue before the lifts had reached the top and in several games their rogue was unable to do any dps before dying. The only times we didn’t get the opener on the opposition rogue was when I had accidentally replaced them by playing around with the ingame equipment manager.

Even though the teams we were beating weren’t amazingly good (1900rated max) all of us feel that the goggles gave a huge boost to our chances of winning, and as we get better geared, learn how to work in a team and generally get to grips with this new concept of ‘3v3’, we think the goggles will still give us one hell of an advantage over the opposition.

As far as an item stats comparison goes, compared to the Deadly Gladiator’s Leather Helm the Hypervision Goggles suck terribly. -84 agility, -115 stam, -51 crit, -66 resilience, -meta socket, -red socket, -10 energy (broken set bonus for me). However, they give an almost guaranteed opener on any rogue who isn’t wearing them. It’s hard to put a value on that, I don’t know what stats my helm would need to give before I’d consider the Hyper-vision Goggles as inferior for arenas.

Is it cheap/lame though? It certainly feels overpowered in 3v3 and probably 5v5. For 2v2 I’ll stick to a Gladiator’s Helm – rogue teams aren’t too much of a problem for us (it’s the FotMs that kill us) so the stat nerf from using the goggles would not be much fun.

Hopefully our warrior will gear up qucikly and we’ll all learn enough about 3v3s to make me put the goggles back in the bank for a rainy day. We’ll see.

The Hypervision Goggles require engineering and are taught by a trainer in Shadowmoon Valley

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