How Much Resilience for Rogue PVP?

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This article was written before patch 4 went live and will contain information that may no longer be relevant.

Since Blizzard buffed resilience back in January, it’s become a much more valuable stat than in previous seasons. Unlike classes such as Disc Priests, the amount of resilience a rogue should aim for depends on your team, your rating/bracket and your PVE achievements.

If you’re playing a burst setup (such as rogue/ret, rogue/destro/offensive healer etc) you’ll be able to get away with low levels of resilience. Since the aim is to score a kill as quickly as possible, you’ll be blowing all of your defensive cooldowns to limit damage intake. If your opponent survives this 45second burst, it’s likely to be a lost game for you regardless of your resilience. With two evasions and a cloak, you should ideally be able to mitigate the amount of damage you receive to avoid having to rely on the passive damage reduction from resilience.

Having 1415 resilience (the current cap) when nobody ever tries hitting you means that you’ve just wasted a lot of stat points. You need to think about how often you find yourself on the receiving end of damage. As a guideline, if you’re playing in a setup where you’re the easiest kill (or the easiest target to switch to after you’ve used cloak/trinket) it’s suicidal to neglect resilience. However, if your warlock partner is getting trained hard every single game, then it’s a good idea to start switching out PVP gear for PVE gear. The class of your healer will affect the situation as well. Druids for example can throw out insane healing, but if they don’t have HoTs on you, you’re initially vulnerable if the enemy makes a switch to you.

The amount of resilience gear you take isn’t a decision you can make once then forget about. At different arena ratings there’ll be different concentrations of setups. This is most noticable in 2v2, but also evident in 3v3. On Cyclone-EU for example, 1500-1800 sees countless random/bursty teams, while 1800-2000 has a lot of RLS/TSG/Beastcleave and destro teams. 2000-2300 seems to be entirely wizard-cleave/caster teams for some reason. Different classes will have different tactics for beating you, so if all you’re facing are beastcleaves, ride through it by gearing appropriately.

If every team is making a beeline to you, it’s also worth increasing your survivability in other ways. A Battlemaster’s trinket, Corroded Skeleton Key or a Glyph of CloS can save your neck in a pinch much more reliably than an extra couple of hundred resilience.

The other consideration is the PVE/PVP gear that you actually have. Taking a heroic Geistlord’s Punishment Sack instead of the Deadly Gladiator’s helm you picked up a few seasons ago is a no-brainer, but don’t underestimate the stats of Relentless/Wrathful set pieces. For example, compare the T10 Shadowblade Helmet to the Relentless Gladiator’s Helm. Taking the 264ilvl T10 will improve your stats by 22 attack power at the cost of 80 resilience – not too impressive a gain. If you’re wanting to play in PVE gear, ICC offset pieces are ideally suited, but with the exception of some heroic ToC25 pieces you’re better off sticking to the honor-bought items. Also consider the gems/enchants and make sure they’re suited to PVP.

A useful site for gear comparrisons is, which uses AEP values to calculate the value of an item of gear. Simply speaking, AEP (Agility Equivalence Points) is a way of assigning values to different stats – the current formulas are here. It’s not a perfect way of comparing gear for use in arenas (for example, it doesn’t take into account hit caps) but it’s definitely worth a look at.

Looking at the amount of resilience taken by high-rated 3v3 rogues this season, the average seems to be around 1100. This is based on current armory data, so it’s not very accurate (they might be in 2v2/5v5 gear when logging out for example).

Personally, I take the following resilience on the two rogues I’m currently playing. Admittedly I haven’t raided since my ex used to force me into the first wing of ICC25 (no heroic ICC gear for me!), but my resilience levels and current mmr are roughly as follows;

2v2 rogue/priest = 1000 (1900 mmr)
3v3 rogue/mage/priest = 1000 (1800 mmr)
3v3 rogue/dk/priest = 1150 (1700 mmr)

2v2 rogue/shaman = 847 (2050 mmr)
3v3 rogue/shaman/lock = 1200 (2200 mmr)
3v3 rogue/shaman/spriest = 927 (2300 mmr)

My thoughts here are based on a typical assassination spec – I couldn’t possibly comment on combat specs, as the only combat rogue I’ve seen this whole season was in full BiS PVE gear. Thanks for killing my 1100resilience rogue in a single Killing Spree Ashvael, /sulk.

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