Patch 3.2.2 – Healing Nerfed by 10%

Final Patch notes have come out, and it looks like healing classes won’t be as strong as first expected.

Patch 3.3.2 is bringing about a change to the way healing functions in Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Wintergrasp. We have applied a debuff to all players in these zones which will decrease the effectiveness of all forms of healing by 10%. This includes heals from items such as Healthstones and potions, however, it will not affect defensive shields or auras. This change is being made to balance the effectiveness of healing against the recent buff we made to the damage reduction component provided by resilience. Rest assured that we will be closely monitoring the effects both the healing and resilience changes have on Battleground, Wintergrasp, and Arena PvP game play to ensure that fights last a reasonable amount of time without overtly skewing the effectiveness of any class, role, or team combination.

A 10% zone debuff is a clumsy way of addressing a problem that hasn’t really been tested in a serious arena environment, but at least Blizzard seem to be trying to fix things (rather than ignore problems until Cataclysm).

Rogues have escaped the nerf bat for the time being – that almost makes up for 5yrs of bugged vanish 🙂

Full patch notes are here.

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