Goblin and Worgen PVP Racials for Rogues

…. looking very competitive indeed, I’m tempted already by the idea of a Worgen rogue!

Worgens have a racial ability called Darkflight, which allows the worgen to temporarily increase their movement speed by 70%, and can be used every three minutes. Other worgen racials include a passive 1% increase to all damage, reduced duration from the effects of curses and disease…

Goblins get a rocket belt with two abilities on a 3min cooldown – the first ability enables the player to jump up to 20 yards, while the other shoots rockets at an enemy player within 30 yards. Additional passive goblin racials include a permanent 1% increase to attack and casting speed.

As a rogue I’d rather have an extra sprint than a disengage, and reduced duration of curses/diseases sounds like a nice added extra. More on the classes/changes here.

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