Last night I lost a 2v2 game with my priest after I had managed to get the jump on the other teams rogue. He reversed the opener onto me through a blind and won the game shortly after. Today I made an alt on Stormscale to quickly speak to him*. We talked briefly about counter-openers and combining buttons/mousebuttons to string together non-GCD abillities.

In the past I’ve been using this macro whenever rogues/paladins opened on me;

/cast vanish
/cast cheap shot

It’s nice and simple, but not very effective (plus you have to spam it as you’ll probably be facing the wrong way at first). I rarely get the chance to land the cheapshot before I’m either AoE’d or FoK’d out of stealth. What I’ll be experimenting with over the next few days is;

/cast blind
/cast vanish

Even though it uses your blind immediately, it gives you a very good chance to turn the tables on the attacker, especially if you use it the very second you are opened on. I’ve been experimenting with other combinations of GCD/non-GCD spells but can’t find anything that works as well without the risk of unnecessarily blowing cooldowns that aren’t needed.

Would it be worth adding evasion into this macro? Theoretically if the person you just blinded went on to do the same to you, there’s a chance you’ll dodge their opener. However, if they wait until your Kidney Shot before trinketing, you’ve just lost a third of your evasion time. Personally I’ll give it a miss initially, but I’ll see how it goes in the future.

If you don’t want to use any cooldowns when you are jumped, try and get support from your partner. If their rogue can be CC’d before the end of his cheap shot you should be able to come out of stun naturally. On the other hand, if you find that you’re the one being sheeped/cycloned/hexed when opening on other rogues, try out the addon ‘Spellalerter‘, and be prepared to use Cloak of Shadow if you see any incoming casts on yourself.

* A really nice guy as well, thanks for taking the time out for a quick chat! Hopefully I’ll be trinket/blinding as fast as you one day 😉

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