Confessions of a Naughty Rogue (a.k.a. I’m back)

Hi everyone, I just wanted to apologise for the lack of content since MoP started. After coming back to WoW with the best intentions of turning into a useful […]

Hi everyone, I just wanted to apologise for the lack of content since MoP started. After coming back to WoW with the best intentions of turning into a useful rogue resource, everything fizzled out by November. I played my rogue casually in arenas during 5.1, but the lack of success made me feel pretty unworthy to be offering any sort of rogue info/tips/sarcasm.

RBGs remained fun as a rogue, but I’m afraid I have a confession – instead of concentrating on my rogue, I levelled up a Windwalker then did a Reckful and went for the easymode 2.2k as Arms.

Now that 5.2 is here and the class is enjoyable again, I’m back playing two rogues to make up for lost time. I promise on Garona’s life (the most roguish thing I can think of) that I’ll be making site updates frequently again, starting with talent overviews and a ‘Know your Enemy’ piece on Monks. On a personal note I’m fully self-employed now, but all that really means to the site is I won’t be wasting as much time putting together graphics when I’m supposed to be working :)

Incidentally, the warrior turned out to be boring as hell and was shelved pretty quickly, but the monk is fun and relaxing. If anyone hasn’t tried Windwalker, the play style is very similar to a simplified rogue. You never run out of energy and combos are stored on yourself not the target (so you can switch whenever you feel like it). I still prefer the rogue, but if you fancy rolling another melee class with a healer offspec it’s worth trying the monk out thanks to their ridiculously fast levelling speed. One hour of bankable +50% XP every 10 levels plus a daily quest that gives the same is OP as hell.

Take care all,


As soon as I typed ‘Naughty’ into the site title I had a sudden flashback to a twitter account I setup back in 2010 – NaughtyRogue. We had just reached 2.2k playing RLS when our lock wowquit due to the emotional trauma of losing to a 2.1k team (“oh my God we’re losing to BADS” has become a meme with my arena partners)- the replacement was a 2.5k glad shadowpriest. “Excellent” we thought, “playing with this guy will really help us work on our game”. How wrong we were. We played together for a few weeks and tanked a couple of hundred rating. We don’t think he’d played much with a rogue before as he seemed a bit unsure what they were capable of. It got to the point where we started posting his more… unusual quotes on twitter. Sadly he stopped playing so the twitter account died a death, but for posterity here are some of his best bits. I present you with the Terenas Guide to Rogue PVP.

vs double healer/warrior

“When you’re chasing the priest with the warrior chasing you,
don’t keep your back to the warrior”

Obviously rogues should chase healers by backpedaling after them with a dagger stuffed up their ass. I petitioned Blizzard to give us a third weapon slot for just this purpose, but didn’t hear back from them.

vs HPal/Mage/DK

“I know the mage is kiting you, don’t go through the desecration.”

This one confused us until we realised all we had to do was get a friend to log an alt on their server and tell the DK not to cast desecration on top of me (and give the mage instructions for which direction to kite in).

vs triple human RLS

“Why did you get sapped?”

Bearing in mind this was during a time when humans had increased stealth detection and locks would start arena games with Consume Shadows popped we were a bit stuck for a solution. We experimented with positioning me inside a Tauren druid in the Orgrimmar auction house but it just seemed to make matters worse.

(vs TSG, 6sec gib with intercept/gnaw)

“Why didn’t you evasion? Oh ok, did you remember to keep facing both of them?”

I can’t think of a sarcastic enough response to this one, but it still remains my favorite bit of rogue advice to this day. So guys, have you ever had bad advice for playing your rogue from non-rogues? Share the worst ones you’ve had in the comments below.

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