Cataclysm Classes vs Rogues (Part 2)

Following on from previously, here’s a quick run down of Cataclysm changes made to other classes. Paladin Paladins have been affected by several unusual changes, which seem to be causing […]

Following on from previously, here’s a quick run down of Cataclysm changes made to other classes.


Paladins have been affected by several unusual changes, which seem to be causing a fair bit of drama. Retribution paladins are having survival issues (they can no longer dispel magic), while Protection is just generally terrible in PVP. Retribution/Assassination/Priest looks like it could work as a rush-down comp, but I don’t know how viable it will turn out to be once teams start stacking up on PVP/resilience gear. The general consensus seems to be either PVP as a holy paladin or reroll to a different class.

Guardian of Ancient Kings

At level 85 paladins will be getting a pet whose function depends on their spec. As Holy, the pet will assist with healing on team members and as Retribution it will assist with DPS. The Protection version will reduce the damage taken by the paladin, but you probably won’t encounter too many of these except in world PVP.

Word of Glory, Templar’s Verdict & Inquisition

Paladins can now generate a girly version of our butch Combo Points called ‘Holy Power’. This is used for several ‘finishing moves’ giving instant heals or damage.

Even though they are still reeling from the nerf to ‘Bubble and Hearth’, expect paladins to recover in time for the next PVP season.


Priests get a couple of new abilities that look quite useful in a PVP environment. Inner Will, when combined with Inner Sanctum will give a 16% movement speed – 1% faster than a rogue with the Quickening talent. Their level 85 spell, Leap of Faith is a ‘friendly’ version of Death Grip. Amongst other things this may prove to be a neat way of getting a friendly player into your Smoke Bomb aura.


This three second stun from the Holy tree does not break on damage and does not appear to share diminishing returns with other forms of crowd control.


Inner Fire no longer has charges, so priest’s damage mitigation will remain relatively high considering their cloth armor.


All three Warlock trees appear to be viable this season so expect to see a lot of variation. At level 81 they will pick up Fel Flame, which will enable them to extend the duration of Immolate and Unstable Affliction. Other changes to the Warlock class include;

Chaos Bolt

The Warlock’s hard hitting Chaos Bolt has had it’s mechanics changed – it can now be defended against with Cloak of Shadow.

Hand of Gul’dan

Hand of Gul’dan looks like the Demonology equivalent of Chaos Bolt. Despite looking like an AoE attack, this is a single-target spell that you cannot run away from. It goes without saying that the aura it leaves on the ground should be avoided!


With the Demonology talent ‘Inferno‘, this aoe can now be channeled whilst moving, so don’t be surprised if Warlocks attempt to use it to get you out of stealth.


By the looks of things Arms will remain the primary PVP spec for warriors, as Protection is failing to put out the same levels of damage as it did in Season 8. Warriors are picking up three new 81+ abilities, with Sweeping strikes plus Bladestorm is here to stay, but with the massive Cataclysm health pools, they won’t be as devastating as before (watching Hydra instantly drop 100>0 thanks to a recklessness bladestorm was a scary sight indeed).


You’ve probably noticed this ability in battlegrounds since patch 4.0 went live. Yes, that Arms warrior is actually doing as good a job at stunlocking as you can do. The 45 second cooldown may be more than double that of Cheap Shot, but once you’ve added Intercept/DR, just like Cheap Shot/Kidney Shot.

Note: I was up till 5.30am in Cataclysm, so appologies if none of what I typed makes any sense! Good luck with the levelling – you’ve got a week before the new PVP season starts!

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