Buff to Master Poisoner in 3.2.2

The new PTR notes have come out, showing a very nice buff to Master Poisoner. This is supposedly a PVE buff, but I can see this making HfB attractive to PVPers as well.

Master Poisoner – Increases the critical hit chance of all attacks made against any target you have poisoned by 3%, reduces the duration of all Poison effects applied to you by 50%, increases the bonus chance to apply Deadly Poison when Envenom is used by an additional 45%, and gives Envenom a 33/66/100% chance to not consume Deadly Poison.

The ‘massive’ buff that has got me feeling pretty hopeful for HfB in PVP during S7 is the little amendment to the end. 100% chance to not consume deadly poison!

I play as HfB at the moment since it makes a very big difference against plate teams. Not only will this new buff mean more damage from having DP tick (and hopefully let you envenom much more often), all those doses of DP should help your wound poisons avoid being dispelled.

To make this even more attractive, damage from envenom is also being buffed a little as well.

Envenom’s scaling has been increased from 7% to 9% of attack power per combo point.

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