Anesthetic Poison in PVP

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This article was written before patch 4 went live and will contain information that may no longer be relevant.

Wound poison and Deadly poison may be the staple poisons for a rogue, but there are a couple of situations where it can pay to make a quick switch to anesthetic poison. You will naturally need an extra weapon handy (with a weapon chain if needed), but if anything, it’s a way of getting a bit more life out of an old dagger.

I’m currently swapping my deadly-poisoned offhand for one with anesthetic. Swapping weapons does trigger the GCD, so make sure you don’t swap with full energy – use it as a way of pooling energy instead. With a 50% proc rate, you (hopefully) shouldn’t need to have it equipped for too long before swapping back to your normal offhand.

There are several buffs you can dispel with anesthetic poison, with the most important being the following;

Savage Roar

A 30% damage buff is pretty impressive, and being able to dispel it is a nice way of wasting a feral druid’s combo points. You won’t be able to put out much pressure using wound+anesthetic, but it can be a nice way of helping out your partner to survive a feral druids initial OTT burst. As well as reducing their damage you’re also keeping them free of dots to allow a defensive gouge. Switch back to wound+deadly when you’re back on-top of the situation.

Berserker Rage

Dispelling their Berserker Rage isn’t too devastating to a warrior, but removing it stops some of their rage generation and leaves them vulnerable to gouge, fears and even saps. It will also dispel their enrage buff, though that is likely to be reapplied immediately.

Hunger for Blood

You’ll probably never see a HfB rogue at all nowadays (unless they forget to respec before a BG or arena match). You may want to switch to wound+anesthetic for the comedy value – watching them energy-starve themselves as they spam HfB is kind of cute.

Anesthetic Poison isn’t a necessity for PVP, but it can be pretty useful at times. I’m currently playing 2v2 with a low geared priest – being able to slow down a feral druid’s opening burst on him can really help.

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