5.4 PVP Patch Notes

*Updated* The following glyphs have made an appearance on the PTR, it will be interesting to see if they make it to the live servers. Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins – […]

*Updated* The following glyphs have made an appearance on the PTR, it will be interesting to see if they make it to the live servers.

Glyph of Hemorrhaging Veins – Your Saunguinary Veins ability now also increases damage done to targets affected by your Hemorrhage.
Glyph of Recovery – While Recuperate is active, you receive 20% increased healing from other sources.
Glyph of Redirect – Redirect no longer has a cooldown.
Glyph of Sharpened Knives – Your Fan of Kinves also damages the armor of its victims, applying 1 application of the Weakened Armor effect to each target.

Glyph of Hemo will simplify the subtlety rotation and allow for easier switches and Glyph of Recovery is a nice mirror of the feral glyph. For 2v2 healer/rogue the latter will be a big help and I’ll probably start taking it in 3v3 against cleave teams. That’s if they go live; it’s early days yet!

I know I say this pretty much every patch, but it looks like Blizzard are moving in the right direction with PVP. The latest patch notes for 5.4 address a couple of issues which have plagued Warcraft PVP since the very first season.


This is the change that has impressed me the most – Gladiator’s Medallion. As you can see, equipping two PVP trinkets provides a noticeable 2700 resilience. In Season 13 Blizzard finally acknowledged that PVE trinkets had the potential to completely overpower PVP trinkets in arenas – the changes they implemented (nerfing of ilvl to 496 in rated PVP) have been pretty effective at making PVE trinkets less desirable, but giving PVP trinkets an extra 10% damage mitigation will tip the balance nicely.

If you’re playing in a comp where you aren’t ever the kill target, PVE trinkets may still be desirable (especially as replacements to the 496ilvl S13 trinkets) but there are very few situations where you won’t find yourself being frequently switched to or mercilessly tunnelled. I’m going to continue trying to farm Bad Mojo for those times when you need to burst like crazy (such as kill attempts on FCs in RBGs and maybe 5v5) but I won’t be too upset if it doesn’t drop.

This trinket change also works towards fixing another issue; one which appears towards the end of each content expansion. Human dominance. Being able to swap the CC-breaker trinket for a high powered PVE trinket has traditionally made Humans a very strong race for PVP to the point where lots of PVPers have faction changed purely for the ‘Every Man for Himself’ racial . After 5.4, the PVP benefits of Human players will be in line with other races…. not great news for Human rogues (especially those who have been Human since TBC) but good news for the overall state of PVP.


One of the first things you’ll notice in Patch 5.4 is that you’ll no longer need to join or create an Arena team to compete. Instead, queuing will work much as it does for Rated Battlegrounds: you can queue for an Arena battle in a party of the appropriate size (still 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5), and your opponents will be selected based on the average Match Making Rating of your party.

There are some players I’ve spoken to who are unhappy with this change but the common factor among them is they all have stable teams they’ve played with for a long time. Personally, I’m really excited about this change. Due to IRL complications, MoP has been an awful expansion for me as far as team success goes – my regular team mates have been on and offline and it’s been impossible to hold down a steady team thanks to the crazy team-switching on Stormscale-EU. I’m sure most people can relate to this – on a high-pop PVP orientated realm you can make a new team on Wednesday and have it fall apart by Thursday because one person wasn’t online. Team synergy is really important to the majority of comps but it’s hard to actually develop it. The constant stream of “2.2k+ X and Y looking for a Z, aiming high” trade spam makes it more appealing to jump team than spend the night playing an alt because your team’s warlock can’t be online.

Playing in arenas without a team may also breathe life into the 5v5 bracket – I’m not a huge fan of 5s games but I’m certainly not the only rogue who’s had their Arena Master achievement put on hold for several years because they can’t find a 5v5 team!

Cross-realm Arenas

This is quite a brave move from Blizzard and I applaud them for making it. They’ve sacrificed what I’m sure is a small but steady income from server transfers to give what many PVPers have been asking for. There’ll definitely be a lot more boosting going on but I’m predicting a big increase in PVP participation from the change that should hopefully water down the impact of facing the occasional pair of R1 players boosting someone at 1800mmr.

Class Changes

I learned long ago not to get too excited about class changes on the PTR, it’s not worth talking about until 5.4 is closer. However, one class change that has made me smile is what has happened to Combat spec. There’s no chance this will go live (Holinka has acknowledged the problem) but at the moment Killing Spree is… well, take a look for yourself.

Wow, just wow. It will be toned down I’m sure, but specs which suddenly become insanely strong on the PTR have a habit of surviving the subsequent nerfs to emerge as powerful contenders on the live servers (think of warriors in 5.1 and hunters at the start of both 5.2 and 5.3). If you’ve got any surplus conquest points burning a hole in your pocket and have become bored of wielding daggers, you may wish to invest in a pair of 498 swords just in case…

All in all 5.4 is definitely going to be an interesting patch for PVP, I’m quite excited about a number of the changes – here’s hoping that Blizzard can finally deliver a rogue-friendly season for Mists of Pandaria!

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