3.3 Patch Notes Updated

Blizzard seem to have remembered that there are a few rogues playing endgame/arena, and have updated the patch notes accordingly. While not exactly game breaking for PVP, MasterPoisoner rogues in arenas will notice a slight increase in damage with a full stack of deadly poison on their target;

Deadly Poison: In addition to its existing effects, when a rogue applies Deadly Poison to a target which has already reached the maximum number of applications, this will also trigger the poison which the rogue is using on his or her other weapon.

Improved Poisons: Bonus chance to trigger Deadly Poison from this talent increased.

I’m guessing this is aimed at encouraging PVE rogues to not bother ‘exploiting’ poison procs with a weapon swap script – it’s a shame Improved Poisons isn’t really viable for PVP, but hey a bit more burst vs plate sounds more fun than the previous rogue changes promised in 3.3. I was excited to see another ten changes mentioned for the rogue class, but alas they’re just updates to tooltip info.

Meh, have had a bad week in arenas – played a total of two games. Our mage has gone offline for 6months and my 2v2 partner is having some well deserved time-out. Hopefully next week will be better, if not I’ll try and get over my fear/hatred of 5v5s. Otherwise, it’s either TOGC25 or levelling my 5th rogue (Lastrogue, thought I’d give levelling a Subtlety tailor a try, based on this Slice’n’Dice guide).

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