Мадкат’s Sap Macro

After mentioning this briefly in a previous post, I thought I’d expand on it a bit more. I really recommend reading the whole article here, the guy really knows his stuff.

Rogue action bar

I use two versions of his macro, the first of which is a reliable sapper, the second only saps rogues/druids (both are spammable). To setup either of these macros you need four empty slots on your stealth action bar, as this is actually three macros in one. SAP1 can go anywhere on the bar (I have it in slot 2) but SAP2 MUST be put on slot 10 and SAP3 be put on slot 12. Slot 11 needs to be empty, as Мадкат’s macro actually moves the second macro from slot 10 to slot 11, and back again (too quick for you to see though). Create the three macros as follows;

Spammable sap

First macro (SAP1)

/script if not UnitExists("target") then te=0; else te=1; end; sn="Sap"; fn=IsSpellInRange
/targetenemy [noexists]
/script if te==0 and (fn(sn)==0 or not fn(sn)) then PickupAction(82); PickupAction(83); end
/click ActionButton12

Second macro (SAP2)

/script PickupAction(83); PickupAction(82);

Third macro (SAP3)

/click ActionButton11
/cast Sap
/stopmacro [noexists]

Version #2 – spammable rogue and druid sap

This macro will only sap rogues and druids. Only the first macro needs to be changed, SAP2 and SAP3 remain the same.

First macro (SAP1)

/targetenemy [noexists]
/script r=IsSpellInRange("Sap") or 0;_,c=UnitClass("target");if(not UnitExists("target") and r==0 or not(c=="ROGUE" or c==DRUID)) then PickupAction(82);PickupAction(83);end
/click ActionButton12

The advantage of the second example is that you can use the macro close to non-stealthed enemies without giving your position away by sapping them. Hats off to Мадкат for coming up with this system of reliable sapping.

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